Deck Upkeep

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Deck Upkeep

l Use a wrought-iron table and chairs set that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Wrought iron needs little more care than an occasional wire brushing to clean off surface rust.

l If your deck is uncovered, be sure to purchase a table umbrella to keep off the sun.

l Construct a trellis along one side of your deck for ivy to climb.

l Plant an herb garden on your deck.

l Line the deck with flower boxes, or hang them from the deck's railings. Azaleas and begonias brightenup stark wood.

l If you have the space, grow a small tree, such as a ficus, on your deck.

l Home improvement stores stock strings of outdoor lights in decorative shapes (fireflies, Chinese lanterns, stars) to add a festive touch to your nighttime parties. Tiki torches are always a nice touch too.

l Use Citronella lamp oil and candles to help keep the bugs away. If you use artificial floodlights, get yellow bug lights to repel those unwanted guests.

l Hornet/wasp traps are available to attract and kill those venomous visitors.

l Use fine-mesh wire to keep mice, skunks, opossums, neighborhood cats and other critters from taking up residence under your deck.